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the yi family

Oahu vacationing pro tip: stay somewhere outside of Waikiki. Somewhere you’ll experience local life as opposed to tourist life. This is what the Yi’s did.

Virginia first reached out to me through Instagram to capture some photos of her family while here on vacation. They were only in Hawai’i a week but made the time for me to shoot with them one evening and I think that it’s SO important to take the time to do that. Especially when your kids are growing so quickly. I’m not a mother yet but I feel like moms become the default family photographer and will hardly get photos of themselves. Get in front of the camera, moms! We first met at Kawainui Marsh and I’m so happy that her three adorable daughters enjoyed themselves there. Her oldest, Kaelyn, was mostly excited when she saw the sign that mentioned the endangered birds in the marsh. She pointed out the birds (mostly ducks… not endangered birds) and would say they were endangered and asked me to take photos of them.

Nothing gets kids happily participating like their favorite movie soundtrack. In this case: Lego Movie 2.