janelle + bryson | kahana bay engagement | oahu lifestyle photographer

Let me start by just telling you all that the day we shot these photos, a big-hurricane-strength-windy-storm was about to hit Hawai’i. No big deal, but they forecasted 60 foot waves or whatever and it was cold. as. heck (for Hawai’i). Keep this in mind as you scroll through these photos and see Janelle’s hair blowing in the wind, the sun hitting the ocean and mountains and the two of them in the water. Everything was freezing. The sand, the water, the wind. Everything. And yet, they look perfect and happy and in love.

If you recognize these faces, it’s because they were the very first couple that I shot going into this business last year. Ever since then, I had been anticipating shooting their actual engagement photos. So here they are in all their glory!

Juliana + Brad | Bellows Beach Engagement | Oahu Lifestyle Photographer

There’s nothing I can really say to express how much I loved this shoot. When you pretty much have an entire beach to yourself and the sunrise is amazing, can you really complain? I admit, I’m absolutely, 100% not a morning person. Nor am I really a night person. I’m more of a the-more-sleep-the-better type of person. But waking up for a shoot like this is absolutely worth it.

Juliana is the kind of coworker everyone wants to have, and I was lucky to have her as one for a short period of time. She made work fun. Even while I worked in the office and had to turn on my more intellectual vocabulary, I’d still get emails from her addressed to “My BFF”. So of course when she and Brad got engaged and she reached out to me for photos, I was more than happy to do it. Since Brad is in the military, we got to shoot at Bellows Beach when it was closed to the public. In my 27 years of living here, I have never been there. How.

Of course, like a lot of couples do, they started by telling me how awkward they are in front of the camera and I was like, “Girl. I got you.” Needless to say, we had fun, got some great photos and that has nothing to do with me and absolutely everything to do with how much these two love each other.

Kayla + Ruben | Kahala Beach Engagement | Oahu Lifestyle Photographer

Can we all just agree that couples who are actually best friends make it sooo easy to shoot? I’ve known Kayla since middle school and had the privilege to get her family photos done when her son was just 6 months old! Camden is three now, and I’m forever in shock of how quickly kids grow up. Anyway, Kayla and Ruben got engaged and are getting married soon in Vegas so we did a quick engagement/lifestyle shoot in celebration! I love the love these two share with each other, that you can literally just feel through their smiles.