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michele + josh

You know that couple that you can just tell that they’re best friends and they’ve been through so much together and they’re so in love and the way they look at each other makes you melt and also they just happen to be really, really good looking? Yeah, their names are Michele and Joshua and I had the honor of shooting them.

They met 8 years ago and are now going on their 5th year of marriage and I am so glad that they were the ones who won my giveaway because LOOK AT THEM. I can’t even begin to tell you how good their modeling is. Michele was almost directing the shoot herself all while smiling and like… I couldn’t have asked for an easier time. The original date we scheduled for the shoot was storming so we had to reschedule. The day of the actual shoot, it was hot and humid and we were all sweating but they still killed it.

Also, random fact for all of you: if there’s anyone in the world who knows how to change from one outfit to another without flashing everyone in public, it’s a hula dancer. We train for that ish.