coen | queen emma park cake smash | oahu lifestyle photographer



I cannot believe this kid is turning one already! His mom, Erin, has been one of my sister’s best friends since I was in middle school. So it’s safe to say she’s pretty much my adopted sister. I took her engagement photos back when I really had no idea what I was doing with my camera. My sister and I danced hula at her wedding. When I found out she was pregnant, I was so so so incredibly happy and excited to be an aunty and have a child to spoil. Coen was one of those infants that didn’t look like an alien when he was fresh out the womb. Literally the cutest thing from the very beginning and it’s so painful but so fun to watch him grow. Every chance I get to babysit this kid, I take it and turn it into a mini photoshoot. But this time, we had a legitimate reason to have a real shoot. These cake smash photos get me smiling every time I look at them!