Behind the Brand

There are so many thoughts that have run through my brain about starting this business. Filled mostly with doubt and fear, I postponed writing this for so long. But due to some recent revelations, encouragement and prayers... I can say I am still absolutely terrified. Haha. I don’t know what to say when people ask me if I’m a “professional photographer” because yes, I am a photographer but no, I am not a professional. I am by no means qualified to do this as a profession by the world’s standards. I didn’t go to school for it but solely followed a passion I’ve had for as long as I can remember. Which, I finally believe is enough. But I am also much more than a photographer and don’t want to be trapped in a box. I have many interests and all I really want to do is create - so that’s what I’ll do.

I wanted to share with you the creative process behind the branding and logo-making of myself as a “brand” (this still sounds so strange to me). This logo in particular represents two very important things in my life: my faith and my culture. 

blk k circle.png

Faith: The bible gives a couple scenarios in which I drew inspiration from. The first being that we, as God’s people, are clay pots; incredibly fragile, vulnerable and susceptible to damage. The second scenario is the woman with the alabaster jar. She breaks this incredibly valuable thing containing something even more precious - all she really has of worth - and pours its contents as a form of worship. It’s through our cracks and crevices and our emptying out of our lives that His power is able to shine through and we are used the way we’re meant to be: for His glory.

Culture: Kintsugi is an art  that I have deeply resonated with since high school. If you are unfamiliar with the art or the process, broken pottery is joined back together using a gold lacquer; making the piece more valuable than it was before it had been broken. The idea is that the imperfection and brokenness of the object becomes a part of its history rather than something to disguise or throw away. With the rise of social media and having these picture-perfect lives, we have become so accustomed to hiding our flaws; whereas this practice is the art of illuminating those flaws.

The ‘K’ represents the cracks as the circle represents the pottery. The three pieces separated by the ‘K’ represents the three things I’ll be doing: photography, content creation and crafts.

The internet and social media have become so saturated with picturesque and manicured lives that, to be honest, have always made me feel less than. I’ve so often forgotten my worth while comparing myself to the lives of people I don’t even know; people whose lives are seemingly perfect, though I know it can’t be true. What people won’t tell you is this: It’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to be human. I mean, Jesus (you know the guy who actually lived the perfect life?) wept and was “deeply moved and greatly troubled” when Lazarus died  (John 11:33). So here I am, asking for accountability that I am as flawed and imperfect online and through my work as I am in person. My hope for this brand - which is essentially myself - is that it wouldn’t be something used in my power, but my weakness. Because that’s where I end and God begins. 

Here are two secondary logos I made because to be honest, it’s just good to have options and I had a lot of fun doing it *shrug*. Though that first one encompasses the entire brand itself, these two logos are still pretty symbolic of everything I just mentioned. I’ll be using these where I see fit, but I’m still figuring everything out (like my life). This is my personal journey of embracing my brokenness and I hope you’ll join me.

blk k underline.png
blk ok.png