Hi, I’m Kelsie.

I’ve been asked what I do, but to be honest… I don’t really know. But whatever it is doesn’t have a concrete title. For the most part, I’m a photographer. But I’m also sometimes a blogger, sometimes a crafter, sometimes a graphic designer, a frequent traveler and forever and always a food enthusiast. I do not (maybe will not) ever label myself as a professional because I believe in the importance of constant learning.

If you enjoy personality tests as much as I do, I’m an INFJ and a 4w5. That should give you some idea of my framework. You just need to add in some sarcasm, a bit of dramatic flare, a random soundtrack consisting of blink-182 to John Mayer to 90’s-2000’s R&B, quotes from The Office and a bunch of other little oddities.

Growing up, I adored anything having to do with art. Drawing, painting, crafting, etc. But I completely fell head over heels for photography. I somehow always had disposable cameras on hand from a pretty young age. My parents then bought me this super cool touch screen point and shoot (RIP) and finally my very first DSLR as a high school graduation present (also RIP).

As for my style of photography, I love to take photos that closely resembles real life. The honest moments. Being an introvert definitely allows me to process and create things differently than most photographers. I focus a lot on smaller, detailed things than a bigger picture. Those in-between moments that we hardly ever slow down to even notice. I love showing depth in my photography. I believe a photo is an eternalized moment and every time someone sees it, they should be able to feel that moment time and time again.

Catch me on Instagram to get a more visual day-to-day version of me and how I see the world.