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hi, i’m kelsie

and I take photos inspired by people and their stories. My style of photography comes from a journalistic approach - the authenticity and range of emotions and all the fun that comes with it. My hope is that the pictures I take are actually worth a thousand words and more. It’s about the connection between you and the place you’re in. It’s about how you feel and when you feel it. It’s about the stories your heart has to tell so that one photo alone can retell it over and over again for years to come.

There are so many big milestones that we capture and post about in our fast-moving lives. But we can’t let ourselves forget the small ones that lead up to those monumental moments. It’s within the tiny moments - the quick, short breaths between the laughter, the look right before the kiss - that’s where love lives, and that’s what I want so badly to capture for you.

Dedicated to capturing your story and all of those little, undefinable moments in between - the milliseconds that go unnoticed, where words fall short; the ones we’ll surely miss.


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