Our lives are full of big moments. Ones we can’t wait to share with our friends and family. The ones we plaster all over social media. But what about the small moments? It’s really the small moments that get us to the big ones. It’s the mundane that build up to the monumental. There’s a reason why the book is always better than the movie. It’s all in the details. Let nothing from your story go undocumented. This is where I come in.

I’m Kelsie, and I want to help you tell your story.

I want to know how the two of you met. I want to feel your connection. I want to experience your weird traditions and tastes in music. I want to hear all the words your baby mispronounces and watch them interact with the big world around them. From the big to the small to the in-between; down to that fraction of a second of whole-hearted laughter. That’s what I want to capture for you. It’s not about being in the most picturesque locations or the poses. It’s not about how many ‘likes’ a photo will get or the editing. It’s about you — it’s about the love.

Dedicated to photographing the moments that go unnoticed — the ones we will surely miss.

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